Client Succes Stories

John G.

My experience with Leonard was top-notch. After looking over my situation he directed me to the right people for financing. After that he found me the property I wanted, in the location I wanted and within my budget. Couldn’t have asked for more!!!

Christina T.
I was thinking of you recently and how very blessed I was that you came into our lives and helped us out.
It could not have worked out better – so very grateful.

Robert & Susan M.

“Thank you Leonard!” You made the home selling process quick & easy for us. After terminating our 1st agent we feel very fortunate to have found you!  Thank you!”
Doug & Tami C.

“Leonard is the consummate professional in a tough business. He shows up with his homework already done and a plan in hand to sell your home. He is extremely thorough leaving no stone unturned. His marketing is second to none. We had full price offers on our home within 36 hours of it going on the market. He was on top of every twist and turn until our home closed. He and his team were just excellent every step of the way.”
Jeff O.
“I have worked with Len Clementi, for the first time, approx. 5 years ago when we needed to “short sell” our property.   Len met with us multiple times explaining how the process would work. He explained as a professional and a friend. Len is extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of real estate transactions, yet explains it in a way that makes sense to the lay person.  Through the following years, I have contacted Len with questions/concerns, and he has always been there for me. A true professional and gentleman.”

Leonard Curto
Win Home Inspection

“Leonard is a fantastic person and real estate agent! As a home inspector who has worked with Leonard on many transactions, I have noticed his outstanding communication techniques with his customers and his attention to detail with paperwork. He genuinely cares about his clients and goes that extra mile to ensure their transaction goes as smooth as possible. I highly recommend Leonard for any real estate needs you have!”
Lou & Meggan W.

“Len is very professional and yet personal at the same time!  Over the course of three months he  worked diligently with my husband and I to ensure we were able to sell our house as fast as possible.  He instructed us on the best ways to make our house marketable immediately.  We were able to sell our house in less than two weeks from the day it was listed.

After the sale of our house he was very diligent on finding us as many homes in our area that he felt matched what we truly wanted in a home for our family.  He observed and documented our reactions to homes as we went along and became intimately involved in the entire process.  Len didn’t miss a beat and advised us on what would homes to really hone in on and realistically take the time to view.
Once my husband and I found a particular home Len was the best negotiator I’ve ever seen.  He truly has a knack for understanding the market and looking for every opportunity to help his clients.  Len took the time to investigate the local area to offer up his advice on the next steps my husband and I should take as it relates to an offer on a home.  Once we found the home he worked his “magic” to ensure we wouldn’t lose an opportunity as well as not lose sight of what was important.  Len always made sure that our interests came first and communicated every detail in a timely manner.  In the end, he gave us the home of our dreams as a family and was dedicated to our investment from the sale of the previous home.  He’s personable, smart, and very professional at what he does for a living.”
Jeanne K.

“Len helped me with a short sale three years ago.  I knew I wanted to get back into a house of my own as soon as possible and began pursuing that avenue in February 2014.  Len really is a “consultant.”   He helped me think of options across the board from different types of mortgage possibilities, to the offer strategy on the house I chose, to different services I might need after the sale (i.e. landscaping, pool service, etc.)  Len typically picked up when I called and if he didn’t, he responded immediately to either vmail or email.  He even called me and wished me a Happy Mother’s Day!   I have found Len to be a trusted and reliable real estate consultant and would not hesitate to use his services again and recommend to my associates and friends.”

Ryan & Mandi C.

“After a conversation about what we were specifically looking for, Len was able to quickly zero in on and introduce us to our dream house!  He stayed by our side at every stage of the financing & purchase process and facilitated every transaction and interaction.  Len actually made the entire process of buying a home fun, easy, and smooth.  He brings a great deal of experience both in the finance/mortgage area as well as the real estate arena, and has contacts in every facet of the business.  I highly recommend contacting Len whatever your real estate needs are.  His responsiveness, attention to detail, and facilitation through the entire process will far exceed your expectations!  We are so excited about our new dream house in Cave Creek and can’t wait to move in!”

Scott M.
“Thank you for helping me with my short sale.  I wanted to write sooner but life got in the way until HSBC threatened to pursue a deficiency owed.  I showed them the letter of full release that you helped me get from HSBC 8 months earlier and they stopped their action.  Wow!!!!! Thank you very much for caring about me.”

Josh & Melissa W.

“Thank you so much for helping us with our Short Sale.  We are very happy with the result and most of all we are happy that you got the bank to release our deficiency.  Thank you, Thank you!!”

Doug & Jessica W.

“Proof some of your clients listen to your sage advice: Doug and I have paid off my student loan and are now debt free and even more miraculous is that Doug has agreed to allow us to budget monthly and we are categorizing our expenses electronically using . The short sale was a wake up call and your council (and I’m sure prayer has helped us as a couple get in a better financial situation and on the same page regarding finances as a couple.

“Thanks so much Len. God has obviously gifted you with many talents regarding financial matters and we are benefiting from it. Just thought I would share and say thanks.”

Tom & Mary B.
I want to thank you for all your help in short selling my home. You informed me of exactly what was going to take place and to my surprise you were able to get us our $3000 HAFA grant. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

Noelle N.
“I am writing this letter to express my sincere thanks for Len Clementi’s  assistance in helping me with what appeared to be an impossible quest. I tried to accomplish this on my own only to be stopped at my first call, my mortgage company refused to speak with me. Just when I thought I was at a dead end my luck changed and hope was restored. Len listened to my situation, while it was problematic they felt confident he could help and accepted my case.
Theresa B.

My sincere thanks to Len Clementi and staff for all their time and effort you gave to my case not only for me, but for others who may seek your help.
Nancy T.

“A very good friend told me about his experience with Clementi Real Estate Consultants during a conversation about the economy, mortgages payments, etc. He said give them a call and see what they can do for you, so I did.  
I was interviewed over the phone with a list of questions to see if I was a good candidate for their program. The interviewer was very positive and said she would have her boss contact me.  
The next call I received was from Len Clementi, he offered encouragement and set up a meeting. After my meeting, I felt like I would be getting some assistance with what I had thought was a no winning situation.   
What a HUGE relief this is! Thank you!!!!!! 
Clementi Real Estate Consultants is a group full of integrity. Their team has the experience you want on your side: banking, mortgage, and real estate.  They operate with kindness, willingness to help, very accommodating and always available to answer questions. I recommend them with a 100% confidence!   
Much appreciation!
Nick C
“I contacted Clementi Real Estate Consultants as a last resort as my lender said that I did not qualify for a loan modification. I tried several times to work with my lender and sent and re-sent the requested paperwork and each time I got the run around, spoke to a different person on every call, had to explain my situation all over again and was getting very frustrated and worried. It came down to my foreclosure date being about a month away and that’s when Mr. Clement stepped in. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a trustworthy local company. Thanks to the whole Team!


Erik & Catherine L.

“We recently had a short sale on our home and worked with Len Clementi.  His team of experts offered professionalism and made our process very smooth.  We always received call backs, and communication was consistent and efficient.  We will continue to refer them to anyone in a distress situation regarding their home”